27 ideas for your camper interior and furniture design.

A van is a small space!
which means you gotta NAIL your camper interior design first time!

camper interior design.
living in a small space becomes a whole lot harder than it needs to be!

Here are some motorhome interior ideas and accessories,
to make life in your camper a little easier.

Fold away / flip up campervan bed:

If you want to keep a large area free in the back of your van for a dual use,

or an every day runaround.


You just don’t like looking at a messy bed,

Try a fold away bed design!

A double bed can neatly fold up during the day to leave the space free for other use.


Here’s a powerful fold away bed mechanism available on Ebay.

The design is simple and you can achieve a large dual use space when you use a fold up bed design.


How about this overlapping bunk bed design!

This clever builder manages to create two extra bunks for the kids, by overlapping the foot wells of the bunks!

The port hole windows remind me of a sail boat design!


Check out my own camper conversion layout:


Portable gas oven and hob in one:

This clever design will get your basic or small van conversion off to a great start,

The oven can be stored away neatly and easily after cooking.

This is the Coleman camping stove,

It has some impressive stats!

  • Matchless igniter 3,000 BTU internal oven; comes with two oven racks
  • Maximum oven temperature: 400 degrees with built in thermometer
  • Cooks for up to 5 hours on high heat with one 1-pound can of propane
  • Full Dimensions- 12.5 L x 21 W x 18 H inches. Internal Oven Dimensions- 11 L x 16 W x 9 H inches.
  • Oven fits 9 x 13 inches pan inside.
  • weight: 35 pounds

Check it out here.


Van door / shower!

So where do I put the shower?

Outside under the rear door of course!

This design for a camp shower will suit those who want to rough it in the wilds!

That is one clever design idea,

but we don’t all have the same ingenuity in us!

Here a nice solution to a shower for your campervan conversion:

Its called the Rinse kit Hot Rod.

You can plug this directly into the cigarette lighter and it will heat the water in the pressurized tank which then hooks up to a shower head for a nice hot shower.

I suppose this will suit the surfers and mountain bikers out there!

But I think it is a good medium term solution to the campervan shower problem.

The Rinse kit is available on Ebay  for a very reasonable price.

RinseKit’s new heater plugs into a standard 12-volt vehicle accessory socket (cigarette lighter) with a cord long enough to reach to the back of an SUV.

It has a built-in timer and an auto shut off switch for safety.

The stainless steel heating probe screws into the drain plug hole of the RinseKit and does not need to be removed use after use.

Now you can have a hot shower just about anywhere if you fancy it!


Bunk beds at the rear door!

This clever design fits two single bunks neatly away at the rear door.

Along with rear access storage underneath.


Strip lighting:

This strip lighting setup is easy to achieve, and can light up the rear of your van nicely, without too much hassle,

A great idea to create some homely mood!

You can even get LED strip lighting that changes color at the press of a button!

Now that can help warm up that interior!

Check it out HERE!


You could get the Christmas feeling all year round!

Plus, strip lights are an easy and efficient way to light the interior of your van.


How about going solar?

Heres a great flexible solar panel kit suitable for a van conversion.

If you want all that free energy from the sun,

You can attach these to your roof and charge your travel battery for free!

Here’s the kit:

  • Top ranked PTC rating; high module conversion efficiency; fast and inexpensive mounting.
  • The water resistant semi-flexible solar SunPower panel is far more durable than traditional glass and aluminum models; The junction box is sealed and waterproof.
  • Bendable Panel: The plastic back sheet can be curved to a maximum 30 degree arc and mounted on an RV, boat, cabin, tent, car, trucks, trailers or any other irregular surface.
  • Powerful and Lightweight: This solar panel packs 100W of power, but it only weighs a mere 4.1bs(1.9kg), making it easier to transport, Unique frameless design and four metal reinforced mounting holes for easy installation.

It is definitely worth looking into for the adventurous among us!

If you are way off grid for a few days, and you need to charge up a laptop!

Then you need solar power for your van conversion!

This solar panel is simply one of the best out there for the self builder like me.

It is flexible and easily mounted,

and that is exactly what you want when designing your own van conversion.

ALLPOWERS 18V 12V 100W Solar Panel Charger:



Check it out on here:

  • Item Weight: 1.9 Kg
  • Boxed-product Weight: 2.9 Kg
  • The water resistant semi-flexible solar SunPower panel is far more durable than traditional glass and aluminum models; The junction box is sealed and waterproof
  • ☀ Bendable Panel: The plastic back sheet can be curved to a maximum 30 degree arc and mounted on an RV, boat, cabin, tent, car, trucks, trailers or any other irregular surface
  • ☀ Powerful and Lightweight: This solar panel packs 100W of power, but it only weighs a mere 4.1bs(1.9kg), making it easier to transport, hang and remove; Unique frameless design and four metal reinforced mounting holes for easy installation


If you want to go all out and get completely off grid,

then check out this kit!

400W 24V Off Grid KIT: 4pcs 100W Solar panel W/ Controller & Bracket for Camping.


Check it out here.

This kit includes:

1. 4x100W 18V poly solar panel with MC4 connector

2. 4×4 Z style mounting kit

3. 1 x 45A solar controller

4. 1 pair MC4 with 5 meter 4mm²extension solar cable(5m red and 5m black)

5. 2 pair Y MC4 solar cable connector

Perfect for most framed solar panels,

these brackets can be bolted to the rear of most framed solar panels

allowing the solar panel to be easily attached to a flat surface.

It is Ideal for caravans, campervans and motorhomes.

USB charging points:

Combine the solar panel kit with USB points in your van,

And you have the ultimate green machine!

Here’s a USB power outlet incorporated into a traditional power outlet face.


Sofa bed conversion:

This basic conversion used a sofa bed to create the living and bed space in the center of the van,

allowing a toilet and shower to fit neatly in the rear.


Van roof-light with inbuilt shade:

Here is a neat solution to flood the back of your van with natural light.

A roof light is relatively easy to install with the correct guide.

And this version has an inbuilt shade.

So you can draw the shade at night to keep in the heat and black out the interior!


Check out my roof light review HERE.

Heres the roof light I installed in my own van conversion:

Swing-Out Cranked Table Leg Set:

This nifty little addition can add a much needed work surface sacrificing much space!


Extendable clothes hangers:

If you dont have a wardrobe space,

Just attach this fold out clothes hanger

to the wall over your bed

and you have a quick fix to hang your Sunday best!

I did something similar in my own van build,

Here’s a quick clothes drying hack you can try.

I attached a fold out clothes hanging rack to the front of my kitchen.

Now I can hang out clothes to dry during the day while we are off exploring.

And when we come back,

The clothes are dry and ready to put away in the boot.

Convert your drivers seat into a swivel seat:

You can improve the comfort and usability of your van interior

by converting your front seats to swivel around

and become part of the living space!

This gives you a double use for your front seats,

and they make great relaxing seats

once the kids are asleep!

The swivel seat arrangement

is achieved by using this swivel seat base converter.

Here’s a link to the Swivel base for the Doge Promaster.

Here’s a link to the Swivel base for the Mercedes sprinter.

Heres the Drivers seat swivel base for a VW T5 camper.

Heres the Passenger double seat swivel base for a VW T5 camper.

Heres the Drivers seat swivel base for a Ford Transit camper.

Here’s the passenger double seat swivel base for the Ford Transit.


Here’s a video showing you how I installed my own swivel seats:


Brighten up the rear with an easy install 12V LED Light Kit:

this lighting kit is easy to install and low voltage,

So its great for off-grid lighting.

it will brighten up the van interior in a basic conversion build.

And is also great for your boot space lighting.

12V 40 LEDs Van Interior Light Kit:


Rear View Reversing Kit

Make reversing your RV a little less stressful with a reversing camera system. the last thing you want to hear is CRUNCH, when you reverse a little too much against the wall behind you!

Heres a couple of examples from Amazon:

Wireless Backup Camera System:

Combination Single Hob and Sink:

This is very tidy solution for a small campervan kitchen,

The sink and hob are covered with a glass top,

This gives the kitchen a clean finish and offers extra work space in the kitchen.

This installation kit is ideal for a tidy kitchen conversion if you are on your own.

It comes complete with every single item you need for a full conversion.

You can see more details HERE.

Here’s a video on my own camper kitchen build:

Wall Organizer:

This wall organizer is great for tidying up and securing those items you will need close to hand,

Like a torch, or kitchen roll etc.

Heres a nice example from Fiamma.

You can check that out HERE.

VanShades Cellular Thermal Window Pods:

These cellular window shades are a very tidy solution, if you want to fit a new window in your campervan.


35 Litre Vitrifrigo Drawer Fridge:

This drawer fridge is a great idea for a retro-fit fridge,

It is a great space saver for a smaller van build.

This Refrigerator can be installed in spaces where standard units will not fit.

The power rating is optional and comes in; 12/24Vdc – 100-240Vac 50/60Hz dual electronic control.

It comes Pre charged with R134a refrigerant.

Total volume: 35 lt;
Net weight: 16 kg;
Power supply: 12/24Vdc
Nominal consumption: 31W;
Overall width: 440 mm;
Overall height: 250 mm;
Overall depth: 670 mm.

Check it out HERE.


Firetool JE50 & JE100 Fire Extinguishers:

This is a nice compact and powerful fire extinguisher for your camper van build.

You can hold it easily in one hand,

And it can store away neatly inside your van.

Check it out HERE.

Exterior power is a must:

Especially if you have an awning for your campervan or motorhome.

These waterproof power points

are great for hooking up your awning!

Motorhome Winter Storage Cover:

A winter storage cover will keep your creation dry and free from damp in the we winter months!

Heres a good example.

The Classic Accessories Classic Accessories 80-103-141001-00 PolyPro 3 Class B RV Cover up to 20′.



This is a cool little addition to your RV, a light over your door will guide you back to your home after dark,

Also, It is good to light up the dark with a sensor light as a to ward off any unwanted guests!

You can check it out here.

Porta Porti Camping Toilet:

Well we all gotta do it!

And if you are building a basic campervan conversion, this will be a welcome home comfort!

Here’s a few popular examples from Amazon.

Camco Standard Portable Travel Toilet:


Check it out HERE.

Thetford camping Porta Potty:


Check it out HERE.



with a complted kitchen pod, you can fast-track your conversion project.

They come complete with hob and plumbed sink unit.

Just hook up and go!

Check them out HERE.


That was 28 ideas actually!

I hope this collection of campervan conversion ideas has inspired you to push your design a little further to achieve your dream campervan build!


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