Fitting a van roof window + Review of SEITZ midi heki roof window with blind

Check out this awesome new Seitz midi heki roof window that I installed in my Mercedes sprinter camper conversion.

It is the Seitz MIDI Heki roof window for camper’s.

I go through the fitting and the use of the window.

How I chose the position of the roof window.

And ,

How it help’s me as a 6’4” guy!

This roof window worked out extremely well for me, I hope you enjoy the review.


Will the Seitz window cover the ceiling correctly?

The Seitz midi heki roof window unit fits as a sandwich over the roof skin and interior ceiling of your van.

The interior window unit slides inside the exterior part of the the unit.

And there is a sizable overlap between the exterior and interior parts of the window.

This can accommodate a large thickness in your roof construction.

For example,

The roof skin on my mercedes sprinter converision is about 3.5 inches thick when you count the thickness of the original roof skin and support pillars,

the timber battening I fixed to carry the ceiling,

and then the ceiling and felt covering.

The window hides all this quite effectively.


Does the window have a fly screen and blind?

As you can see the window has a very effective fly screen which pulls across the entire window opening


The fly screen can clicks into the blind on the opposite side of the window,

and then both can be closed to bock out the light completely.



Here you can see the window wtih the blind pulled fully closed.

The blind works as a complete black out blind.

My three kids can attest to that!

The window has a simple and very effective hand operated roof light handle with four different opening positions.

That range from fully open to fully closed.


The window is kept in place with by locking the handle in notches along the handle path.

The fully open position will allow you to get your head right out the top!

And the window looks very neat when closed.

I have been using this window on my van conversion for two years and I have traveled for thousands of miles in many different countries without a single problem.

And I can’t recommend the Seitz midi heki enough!

There are a few different sizes of Seitz roof window available:

Here is a list of the types that are available on EBAY.


Seitz MINI Heki 400mm*400mm:

This is the smaller version of the window I installed in my campervan.

You can check out the latest price on EBAY here.


Seitz MIdI Heki 700mm*500mm:

This is the same size roof window that I installed in my camper van.

You can check out the latest price on EBAY here.


Seitz MIdI Heki 2 780mm*530mm:

This is the larger and more feature full version of the window I put in my van conversion.

It comes with a double glazed panel,

held in place by gas struts.

The window also comes with built in internal lighting.


You can check out the latest price on EBAY here.


So that round up my Seitz heki window series review.

From personal experience, I can recommend these windows without hesitation!

Enjoy your campervan build!




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