3 Simple steps to a Comfy motor home life!

I am ALWAYS on the hunt for simple hacks to make my RV life more comfortable.

The key to a comfy RV life is simple systems and small comforts!

In this post I want to show you my top 3 HACKS to create a more enjoyable and comfortable motor home campsite.

1: How to easily decorate a motorhome.

Paint one wall or Cabinet or unit with an accent color:

The quickest way to bring a change to your surroundings is to make a drastic change to ONE thing,  rather than to make small changes to everything.

Take this kitchen unit for example.

When I first built the unit it was a normal plain color without any stand out features.

It was boring and did not add any color to the motorhome.

I painted it bright orange to give a much needed splash of color to the kitchen area.

A few short hours work completely transformed the drab kitchen into a bright space.

Use colorful oil cloth on your table:

When I made the table for my sprinter van conversion, I thought about just painting it white as usual.

But then I got the idea of stapling an oil cloth to the table to brighten it up a little.

I found a huge array of bright and colorful oil cloth coverings in my local hardware store.

I chose a map of the world for my table and it does add a big slash of personality to the surroundings.

2: How to make your camper look bigger.

There is only one answer to this question, that is – Use an awning to make your camper bigger!

You could go all the way to getting a drive away awning which will add give you the opportunity to leave things at the campsite when you decide to go off on a road trip for the day.

Also, a closed awning will give you a larger area to have a your table setup and lounge chairs.

an awning makes life on the road a much more pleasant experience for sure.

Check out my post about awnings here for more info.

3: How to decorate your RV campsite.

When you are staying in one spot for a prolonged period, one question always arises – how do I decorate my campsite to make it pretty?

Here is a couple of tips on how to achieve a more comfortable and enjoyable RV campsite.

Get some colorful pieces like a blow up ottoman:

I found a website called Comfyottoman.com, and there is a great post about outdoor blow up furniture to brighten up your patio.

The blow up ottoman idea really caught my eye as I think it can add color and comfort in one go!

I always bring an outside ground mat to lay on the ground in the awning area.

This can add a nice comfortable area, plus some color and texture your own travelling deck!

Here are some examples from Amazon to brighten up your awning area.

FH Home Indoor/Outdoor Recycled Plastic Floor Mat/Rug – Reversible – Weather & UV Resistant

Patio Indoor Outdoor Area Rug.

Tropical Carpet Outdoor Patio Rug.

Hand Woven Jute Area Rug.

rug for awning in rv campsite

I hope you find this useful, and I hope you are able to create a beautiful RV campsite the next time you hit the road!


I found the information on comfyottoman.com to be very useful in putting this post together.

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