Can you bring a CAT in an RV?

Last year a stray cat wandered into our back yard and had a litter in our green house!

The mother has since wandered off and left us with two cats who have been adopted by my kids!

That leaves me with a BIG question when we want to go travelling in our motorhome;

can you take a cat in an RV?

It turns out that you can but you will have to do some accommodation work first before you hit the road!

Where do you put cat litter box in RV?

So, how do you travel with a cat litter box?

Here is the basic process;

  1. Bring along a portable litter tray.
  2. Bring several small bags of litter in zip lock bags.
  3. Take your kitty into the literbox location.
  4. Set up his or her portable liter box and fill it with the kitty litter.

This will ensure your cat knows where the toilets are before an emergency occurs!

Were is the best place to put a cat litter box in an RV?

Cats are low maintenance travelers. But, the hardest thing about traveling with a cat is sorting out the litter box.

It is best to use a small cat litter box in your RV which might be usually be used in an apartment for example.

Here are some interesting litter box locations for cats.

Put the litter box in the passenger Footwell;

If you are travelling alone then you can put it in the passenger’s footwell, and it never needs to be moved unless you are cleaning it out.

If you are more than one travvelor, then you could move itno the boot on travel days and then put it back when finished.

Put the cat litter box in the shower:

The shower is pretty convenient and out of the way, but it needs to be moved more often, each time you shower.

Put the litter box under the permanent bed;

When you convert a dinning place to a bed you create an empty space under the bed space.

It’s convenient for the cat and still easy to move about the box.

Hrere are some tips on how to cover the cat litter box when in transit!

You may need to try a few different places to find the best spot, so here are some tips on how to move a cat litter box.

What can you do with cat litter?

On average you will have to change the cat litter every  four days.

However you will have to clean out the cat litter every day at least, so what happens to the cat waste?

Well, if you are in a campsite this is not an issue, just put it in a litter bag and dump in the correct waste bins.

If you are out in the wilds, you can bury the cat poop as they would do themselves in the wild!

Here is some good advice from on how to dump your cat litter correctly.

Does a cat litter box smell in an RV?

If you are not cleaning out the litter box regularly, then the cat litter will begin to smell after a few days.

This will tend to happen in a warmer climate also, so where you are will be a big factor here.

There are some things you can use to mitigate the smell from your cat litter box.

  1. sand odor eliminators
  2. charcoal
  3. baking soda

And here is a good resource on cat litter box odor for more information on getting rid of odor from a cat litter box.

What is the best Rv cat litter box?

Traveling with a cat can be challenging.

When you take a cat outside its normal surroundings it may get nervous or angry, so best to get them used to the RV before you head off into the wilds.

Get your cat used to your RV by taking them in it for a few hours at a time without going anywhere and showing the cat its new litter box for traveling

Here are a few good options for a cat litter box for your motorhome.

Here are the top 5 cat litter boxes for small spaces: Portable Cat Litter Carrier

Petleader Collapsible Portable Cat Litter Box.

A4Pet Portable Cat Travel Litter Box, Foldable Cat Litter Box.

PetSafe Disposable Cat Litter Box, Collapsible Covered Design for Travel,

AmazonBasics Cat Litter Box Pads

Here is a good example of living in an RV with your cats:

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