About Us


Welcome to our camper conversion adventure!

Our names are:


Micheal Glynn:


Husband, and father of three kids,


And addicted to converting vans into campers!

We do it once or twice a year,

and then head off with the wife and kids on a big summertime adventure!


Enda Glynn:

Husband and father of two little girls,

I’ve been camper-vanning for years!

Myself and the family have been all over Ireland, the UK, France and Spain over the years,

We have over-nighted on beaches at ferry ports, and of course, stayed in the nicest campsites imaginable!

All in our beloved camper!

If you have a dream of building and exploring in your very own DIY campervan,

then you are in the right place!

We are passionate about building and restoring campervans.

We have completed many van projects, and loved every one.

We want to show you how to achieve your dream step by step.

hope you enjoy our blog!