What is the RIGHT Van?? – Straight talk on choosing a Van to convert!

When I began my first van conversion project,

I set myself a task – Find a van and build a camper within 6 months!

Now I am a skilled guy, with a whole lot of hands on experience with mechanics.

But I never built a campervan before!

As you can imagine, I had a whole lot of questions to answer.

In this video,

I will go through some of the biggest questions I had when I set out on this adventure,

Questions like:

  • is it worth buying a campervan or building one?
  • What questions questions to ask when buying a campervan?
  • What’s the best used campervan to buy?
  • What’s best month to buy a used motorhome or van?

To find the answers to these questions,

I did what I always do,

Dive right in and just figure out solutions as I go along!

I am a real fix as you go kinda guy!


Check out this video about the process I went through,

and the mistakes I made, when choosing a van to build my first camper.

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