Fitting Captain / Swivel seats in your camper conversion + Awesome hack!!

Let me show you the swivel seats I installed in my sprinter RV conversion.

I did not go the normal route as usual!

In my Mercedes sprinter seat conversion I figured out a swivel seat hack which saved me hundreds of dollars,

And I got a nicer finished product!

In this video I go through the whole process of fitting the swivel seats,

And all the adjustments I had to make to the passenger seat area to allow for the hack.

Check out the video above to see the captain seat conversion in full.


Swivel seat plates made to measure.

The traditional way to convert a fixed drivers seat into a swivel seat is to use these swivel seat conversion plates.

There are specific swivel plates made to measure to fit the exact van type that you own.

This is a straight forward method and works perfectly!

So if you want to avoid the hassle,

and you are not on a tiny budget like me!

I would just order the exact swivel plate and be done with it!

Here is a question I see asked quite a lot.

Can I change the double passenger seat into a swivel seat in my camper conversion?

The quick answer is YES!

But doing the job is not quite as easy!

A normal van usually comes fitted with a single base for the drivers seat, and a double base for the passenger seat.

As you can see below,

I have removed the double seat base for the passenger seat and replaced it with a single base which I got from a local scrap yard.

This creates a turning area and access to the back of the van which is the reason why we want a good swivel seat conversion in the first place!

swivel seat conversion for a passenger seat in a sprinter camper conversion


Will a single seat base work in place of a double seat base?

swivel seat conversion for a passenger seat in a sprinter camper conversion

AS you can see above, the single seat base fits in quite nicely in place of the double base and allows for placing the swivel seat above.

You will notice that I used a sprinter driver seat base as the replacement.

This leaves the handbrake mounting visible,

But it will not cause any trouble so I did not remove it.

The seats I used were from a Hyundai trajet minivan.

There is a slight discrepancy in the width between both the mercedes sprinter seat base and the new seats.

So how do you deal with that problem?


You will have to get a steel plate adapter cut to size.

They will cost about $10 per seat.

You will have to drill the fitting holes for the seat base and the new seat casters.


How to fit a seat adapter for a camper van swivel seat conversion.

swivel seat conversion for a passenger seat in a sprinter camper conversion

You can see above that the steel plate fits between the seat base and the new swivel seat.

you will need to leave an offset of about an inch, between the holes for the base,

and the back of the seat casters.

This will keep the bolts away from the casters, and the seat should be easy to fit.


swivel seat conversion for a passenger seat in a sprinter camper conversion

Once the plate is bolted in,

and the seats are fitted to the plate, then the seat will be free to swivel around and your camper conversion will be one step closer.


It is a good idea to dry fit the swivel seat to the plate before final drilling of the holes for the casters.

Just to see if there is any interference from the door, or the main pillar behind the seat during the swivel action.

You can then adjust the setup slightly to allow for a clean swivel.

Best of  luck in your camper conversion.

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